Monday, October 22, 2012

Done! The last track for the album "Mesopotamia" has been finnished!

...and so I am ready to release that album. Currently there are some major problems with Routenote, my music distributor again. I tried to upload the album yesterday to Routenote, but there was a problem with the upload of the coverart, so the process stuck right at the start. I wasn't even able to upload a single song. So I am very sorry, that you will have to wait until their support answers my mail. This takes usually between 2-4 days. Then we have to wait until the album is approved by them. This may take up to several weeks. then the album will be available at my Routenote shop. Until it is then available at iTunes and Amazon will take another 2-6 weeks.

So you see, that it is even possible, that the album will not be in the shops until newyear. This sucks, yeah. But I can offer you an option to buy the album right now. Those who experienced the trouble (also because of Routenote) with the release of the first album of the Willma Poppen project, will allready know the process. But for the others here is how it works:
  1. The price for the album is 9,90 Euro or US$
  2. Send me that ammount of cash either to my Paypal ( or send me a mail to the same address if you do not like Paypal for any reason. I will then provide you with banking details for a bank transfer.
  3. If you payed via Paypal, please send me an additional mail with an e-mailaddress, to which I can send the album.
  4. Once I receive your payment, I will send you the album in an archive via mail.
  5. IMPORTANT: Please make sure, that your mailaccount allows attachments up to 150 MB!
  6. If you are, for any reason, unable to receive the album via e-mail, please provide me with a postal address, so I can send you the album via postal mail

Again, I'm very sorry for the inconvinience. It is not really my fault. Once I earn enough cash by selling albums, I will for sure use another distribution service. But now no more bad vibrations, here's the last song for the "Mesopotamia" album!

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