Monday, December 3, 2012

Cimelium speaks German!

Well, it is about time that the german speaking audience of Cimelium gets their own musical home on the web. First, because Cimelium evolved out of the alionsonny project "Alion Meditations", Cimelium had mostly US american listeners. But this has changed drastically in 2012. A still small but nice crowd of Germans is since then growing, so I think it is the right time to not just create a german Blog, but also completely redesign the Cimelium Homepage, so it has a german version also. Since I planned to re-work the homepages of all my projects, I think this is one of the most consequent steps.

I am also proud to announce a weepstakes taking place soon, where you can win one of five free downloads of the album "Mesopotamia". Stay tuned...

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