Saturday, June 23, 2012

Inanna - New track for the "Mesopotamia" album!

I thought, it was about time to create a new track for the first Cimelium album and came up with this track. People told me, that it doesn't fit the other tracks created so far for the "Mesopotamia" album, but I do not agree. I think it pretty much fits into the concept. And as I am the only one who knows that concept in depth by now, I think that I should know best what fits in that concept. ;)

The tracks for the albums so far are different from eachother at all. And that is completely intended. I didn't want to do another "Tubular Bells" style album where everything floats into another nicely, but something like an accoustic photo album. I ilke it how each track is different from the other and I will also do not arrange the tracks in any particular oder to achieve some kind of a story. 

So here is the 10th track for the "Mesopotamia" album which will be released once I have the magic 13 tracks for it finnished. Enjoy "Inanna" !!!

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