Saturday, March 2, 2013

Pico Ruivo for the "Madeira" album is ready!

I cannot really say, that it goes on with full speed regarding the work at the second Cimelium album, but slowly and steadily we go on. An you, who cannot wait for the album to be ready, please think about the fact, that I have loads of work to do at - not just a few - other projects also, and they also consume their ammount of time.

But now, just right for the start of the editing of the fourth part of "AlionLive Return 2 Madeira", it is once again done and a new, the fourth, track for "Madeira" is here. This time we hike waaaaayyy up to the highest peak of the island, the Pico Ruivo. I have, as some of you allready confirmed, managed it to catch the atmosphere of a hike, I did with a girlfriend in 2011 from Curral das Freiras to the Pico Ruivo. I tried to put all of my feelings and impessions I got on that hike into this song and hope it worked.

Soundwise this track is maybe something the longterm Cimelium listeners have to get used to, to really enjoy it. This is no, as I call it, free-floater, a calm wobbeling and evolving... something. This track has some real moments of surprise and this is intended. Hiking in the area around Pico Ruivo (and actually allmost everywhere in Madeira) is an adventure, which of cause has some surprises in store. It doesn't have (as it happened to me) a landslide suddenly blocking the hiking path. The impression, if you turn around a corner after hiking for hours along a rockface in thick fog, and suddenly there's that panorama above the clouds and valley unfolding before you... This is something I tried to put into that track, and also the moment, when you look at your feet and see you are standing on just a 30 centimetres wide crumbeling rim and see the little stones roll down into the valley... You understand...

And so I have to warn and also say sorry. Just as an example I mention a Facebook friend, who said at a special point in the track (you WILL know which one it is), that his "joint fell off his hand". Well, you shouldn't do this and... drugs are bad, mkay? ;) Yes, this can happen. Another reaction was "WHAT THE F*CK? OH, THAT'S INTERESTING! LOVE IT, MAN!". So: Aswell as you wouldn't do a hike to Pico Ruivo after consuming a sixpack of Zarco or Coral, you shouldn't listen to this track intoxicated or otherwise mentally-not-in-great-shape... unless you are one of the real diehards :D

Ok, enough of the words: Here's the mighty, dangerous and lovely Pico Ruivo. Watch your step!

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