Monday, May 20, 2013

...and Track number 6 for the album "Madeira" is done!

Who did expect this to happen? 2 songs in 2 days. That's the way it is meant to work. Well, but a musician is no machine. At least usually ;). And what do we have here? It is, as announced, again a song for those, who like it rather calm and contemplatively, instead of happy and rhytmic songs. As every Cimelium song, and especially those for the "Madeira" album, there is a story behind this song, and the story describes a particular place in Madeira. In this case it is the "Parque do Lido", the park and the promenade near the open-air bath in Funchal. The story is as follows: As there is no such thing as daylight saving time in Madeira, I got up one hour too early on the first day of my stay in Madeira. So I was more than one hour too early for breakfast. So I decided to take a walk to the Lido instead of going to bed again or wasting the time somehow else, to enjoy the morning atmosphere. Funchal comes to life in the morning in just a few minutes. While at 7:30 am Funchal is very much alive, at 6:30 everything is quiet. I did not meet a single car, not to talk about people, this morning at 6:30 am. Only the homeless cats at the park were there with me to greet the red-golden sun, which was rising above the ocean and flooded the park with warm light. The atmosphere was so peacefull and somewhat eerie, that I will never forget that morning. And I captured exactly that atmosphere in this song.

I am allready working at the next songs for the album "Madeira" and some of them are allready pretty much complete. The fans of my other projects may be angry about it, but I am currently completely focussed on this album, because I really want to finnish it soon. So, again, enough words, here's the song:

Sunday, May 19, 2013

The fifth song for the "Madeira" album "Cais do Sardinha" is here!

Yeah, that took some time. Running gag, eh? No excuses, no "because of this" phrases. Now it is finally here. Some allready complained, that it it to rhytm-focussed and some even said, that it would rather fit on a Willma Poppen album. I don't think so. I allready told you, when the work at the "Madeira" album started, that this album will contain by far less "free floaters" than "Mesopotamia" and that it also will sound by far "happier". Well the topic Madeira is not a topic for dark, droning, arabian style sounds, right? So live with it: Each future album by Cimelium will have a own style. The only common thing will be the ethno elements, and that the music is somewhat calm, which doesn't mean, that it will all be rather non-rhytmic.

So, this is the fifth track for the album and so we have still a way to go until the traditionally 13 songs for the album will be finnished. This track is about a place at the far eastern tip of Madeira. It is a special place with it's own magic. It is a hidden place, surrounded by a stunning landscape with a very happy feeling and you will find all that in the new track, titled "Cais do Sardinha".

By the way: I decided for a new policy regarding to the pre-releases of Cimelium songs aswell as for all songs of other projects: A pre-release is a release like this one. It is, when I upload a new song for your listening pleasure prior to the release of the album, the song will be part of. All those pre-releases are NO final products. This means, they will most probably sound more or less different on the album and will change according to listener feedback and things I find odd listening to them myself. So this is a major drawback for the specialists who rip MP3s off the streams, because they will be easily identifyable as thieves, because of the unfinished versions they posess. Keep that in mind when showcasing ripped versions at a party or so ;)

So, with no further words, here's the song:

I also made a playlist for the songs released so far for the Madeira album, so you can hear them all in a row. each new track will be added to it when it is released.