Sunday, May 14, 2017

The album "Madeira" is now available everywhere!

Thanks to my great distributor, we have a new time record regarding to the release of albums. Already two days ago, the "Madeira" album was available in the largest shops, ie iTunes and GooglePlay. It never went so fast.

So, and there it is. It really took long enough. The work on the oldest piece for the album began already in 2011! But who now thinks "Man, he always needs such a long time for everything!", is completely wrong. Six albums have been released since 2011, including the two first albums of Cimelium. I didn't work fulltime on this album since 2011. It still was a lot of work, all in all. And in my opinion it was worth it. It is a beautiful album.

And here we are at a possible problem: The album is beautiful, it is nice and cheerful. If you now think "Yay! Cimelium released a new album! I must have it!" and buy it at your trusted music dealer, you may be in for a unpleasant surprise. Mesopotamia and especially "Ad Hominem" were rather dark and very serious. "Madeira" comes in some places quite close to Willma Poppen, just from the cheerfulness level. If you like your Cimelium music dark and gloomy, maybe first listen to the album on Spotify or another streaming service. I do not like dissatisfied customers. So, is this cheerful sound the new Cimelium signature sound? No, definitely not. The next Cimelium album, the "continuation" of "Ad Hominem" will be gloomy, dark & serious again. Promised.

And since there are always people who just can't get enough, one or the other will ask: "And when will the next Cimelium album come?" Answer: This will take a LOOONG time, because two Cimelium albums have already been released in the first half of 2017 and now it's the turn of the two other music projects, not just out of fairness. So I ask for patience, if it is very quiet on this blog soon for long time. I'll be back as soon as the work on the fourth Cimelium album starts.

Here, however, the usual links, for people who find Google too complicated ;)

"Madeira" on GooglePlay
"Madeira" on iTunes
"Madeira" on Spotify

If you prefer another shop, simply search for "Cimelium Madeira" at your trusted music dealer. There are some pre-release-versions of songs of the album available online, e.g. On Soundcloud. However, these versions are in no way to be compared with the final product. They are unfinished. In order to avoid such confusion, I have stopped publishing any preliminary versions since a time.

Ok, that's it! I'll get back to you as soon as there's something new to report. This will most likely be on the occasion of the long-planned, completion of the Cimelium website, which is likely to also lead to a relocation of this blog
Be well!

Monday, February 27, 2017

"Ad Hominem" is now available EVERYWHERE!

...well, at least I think so. This is the case at least on the most important music sites, that I know. I intentionally waited a few days longer to post this, so also the slowest music sites had the chance to get it into their catalogues. By doing so, I wanted to make sure, that the album is available from as many sources as possible. I am 100% sure that it is available on (click the links to get directly to the album):

Google Play

You can also stream it on:


I'm not sure about the following sites / services, as I would have to create a (often charged) account there to check it:
  • Napster
  • Pandora
  • emusic
  • Rnd
  • Groove
  • Omnifone
  • Wimp
  • Anghami
  • Claro-Musica
The album is for sure also available on one or the other site / service, I didn't list here. If your favorite source for music is not mentioned here, please let me know. I'll ask my distributor about it then. My distributor is always looking for more retailers.

Ok, and now have fun. The next album (Madeira) is making great progress, and will be out soon also.

Sunday, February 19, 2017


It is done! It is done! It is FINALLY DONE! The latest and long awaited album "Ad Hominem" is finished and has been uploaded to the distribution service. It will (hopefully soon) be distributed to all major music sites, including streaming services, like Spotify. I want to say thanks to all of you, who were faithful during the hard times, during which I announced a lot and got not much done. Also thanks to those who gave feedback and suggestions and encouraged me to work further when I was close to giving up. Yes, this is a very special album in so many ways. Not just that it is the most personal album I created ever, because it is about depression, but also because it was created during a time which had many personal challenges for me. One can safely say, that this album was created not just out of melodies and rhythms, but also with a lot of very strong feelings. Now it is done and the 13th track's title is really fitting here: "O Dulce Nomen Libertatis", oh sweet name of freedom. I feel very free, now that this work is finally done. Apropos titles: For thos who, for what reason ever, do not read the posts on the Cimelium Facebook page, here's the full and final playlist:
  • 01 - Ad Hominem (To the person)
  • 02 - De Profundis (Out of the depths)
  • 03 - De Omnibus Dubitandum (Everything must be doubted)
  • 04 - Noli Me Tangere (Don't touch me)
  • 05 - Nihil Verum (Nothing is real)
  • 06 - Alea Iacta Est (The die is cast)
  • 07 - Mortui Vivos Docent (The dead teach the living)
  • 08 - Tempus Fugit (Time flies)
  • 09 - Preaterita Mutare Non Possumus (To change the past isn't possible)
  • 10 - Ne Obliviscaris (Do not forget)
  • 11 - Quere Et Invenies (Seek and ye shall find)
  • 12 - Sic Parvis Magna (Greatness from small beginnings)
  • 13 - O Dulce Nomen Libertatis (Oh, sweet name of freedom)
I know that some now will ask "And what about the album 'Madeira'? It was announced to be released in December 2015!". Yes, that's true and it was 99% finished when my little personal armageddon hit me. I'll now grant my a week of rest and then finish this album also. You'll agree, that it is worth the wait.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cimelium IS ALIVE!

Ad Hominem Coverart in it's current state (raw concept)
After more than a year of silence, shortly after the announcement, that the "Madeira" album would soon be released, I owe you an explanation. You agree with me, don't you? ;) I think I do not need to say, that the "Madeira" album is still not out yet.

What happened?
Well, life happened... I do not want to go into detail, because all is too private to me. But I can tell so much: A loved one, with whom I have been together for 25 years (yes, this is possible), has bitterly disappointed me in a very nasty way. This has completely paralyzed me and took away 100% of the creativity and joy of life, which usually gives me energy for everything. Friends: I was so far down, most of you probably can not imagine. But that is the past. I am still not quite through it, but I am again steeply on the way up.

What's next?
I really HAD to put the work on the "Madeira" album on hold for various reasons. There are too many memories connected to it. Every time I tried to work on it during the dark time, memories came back and it was extremely painful. So after I felt a bit better, I invested all my power in the "dark sister album", titled "Ad Hominem". As this theme album deals with the topic of depression, it fitted quite well. And, actually, as I write this, I am in the process of polishing the 13 pre-release-versions, and creating the final versions. I don't want to promise anything, but when I say that it is only a matter of days, it is just about right.

Those who have so much looked forward to the release of the "Madeira" album do not have to mourn: I am now again able to work safely on the pieces for the album. And since the album was almost finished at the time of my little private apocalypse, it will not be long, after the release date of "Ad Hominem", until "Madeira" is also released. Keep your fingers crossed that everything is going well. Then you will soon get 2 Cimelium albums, one after the other. Great, eh?

And so you can look forward to something, here are a few samples of "Ad Hominem" pieces in their present state:

Ok, I'm back at work!

Saturday, October 3, 2015

Last Pre-Release and: "Madeira" is C-O-M-P-L-E-T-E!

Yes, this is great news: All 13 tracks for the "Madeira" album have been completed as pre-release versions! At the end of this post, you find the pre-release version of "Pico Ruivo Tunnel", the last track destined for the album. And it is a quite unusual one. Not unusual for Cimelium, but rather unusual for this, quite happy, album. Malina already said, that it may be more suitalbe for the "Ad Hominem" album, and I somewhat agree. But to me it refelects the feelings and impressions I had on that day, when we hiked through the Pico Ruivo tunnel to the Caldeirao do Inferno (CLICK HERE FOR THE VIDEO!). "Madeira" will be a really colorful album indeed. It spans from very cheerful and happy tracks via melancholic sounds to the quite dark "Pico Ruivo Tunnel".

So what's now? Now the 13 tracks have to be polished and thus turned into the final album versions. Will this take as long as it did for the last Willma Poppen album? For sure not, but it will take it's time still. Also I want create some nice cover art, as always. I could use a collage of some nice of the many photos Malina took during our trips to Madeira, and I seriously think about doing exactly that. On the other hand I would find this to be "too easy". Anyway, I'll have to make a decision soon.

And what about the darker album "Ad Hominem"? I just wanted to write, that work at this project is on halt as until "Madeira" is finished, but no: Every now and then I need a musical journey to "the dark regions of my soul" and so the work at this album will slowly go on. Somehow I got the impression, that by far more people are actually waiting for "Ad Hominem" to be released than for "Madeira", but first things first.

Ok, and now enough words. Here's the last track for "Madeira". Note: This time I spent very little time on mixing and EQing everything properly for the pre-release version, because I wanted to showcase that thing very quick and move on to the album completion.

Monday, September 28, 2015

Finaly a new song for the "Madeira" album: "Porto da Cruz"!

Oh well... this is the second Blog on which I have to write, that nothing happened since about a year. Makes me feel just a bit bad, because actually I haven't been idle. As always somebody had to wait in favor of the friends of other projects. Simple as that!

But now the long wait has an end. The album on the Willma Poppen album is done, I have set my priorities different and generally have a new strategy. And so I finished a new song for the long due "Madeira" album yesterday as a pre-release version. So we need just one pre-release version until we can finally start polishing the album versions.

The current song is about the picturesque little village Porto da Cruz at the north coast of Madeira. And the last song is also already heavily in the works. it will be themed after my hike in 2014 through the Pico Ruivo tunnel. It will be for sure the most dark track on the album and Malina already said, that it would fit better on the upcoming "Ad Hominem" album.

The polishing of the pre-release versions aka turning them into album versions will also not take as much time as it did for the Willma Poppen album, because by now, as I said, I have a new strategy and the songs for the "Madeira" album do by far not need as much work. So, with no exaggeration, I can say, that it is more than just possible, that "Madeira" will still be out in 2015.

What about the "dark sister album Ad Hominem"? Well, even though I have many great tracks in the works, it is currently on halt. One of the conceptual failures I did recently was to not concentrate on one thing at the time e.g. not setting priorities. I'll not repeat that failure! So for now it is "Madeira" and my little video projects. That's enough to keep me busy for a while. I know that some of the friends of the first Cimelium album "Mesopotamia" (which is by the way by far the best seller of all alionmind albums) are a bit worried about the Cimelium sound getting too happy, cheerful and generally away from the old dark experimental sound.This cannot happen, friends. It is just, that I wanted to do an album about Madeira and a dark and gloomy sound would not fit it... well aside of the Pico Ruivo tunnel.

Ok, enough words! Let's work! Here's the pre-release version of "Porto da Cruz"...and never forget: Pre-release is NOT the final product!

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Better late than never: New song "Nihil Verum"!

Due to unexpected technical complications and other reasons, this blog is more than just a little bit late. My friends on Facebook and Twitter know more already: Once again a song has been created for the "Ad Hominem" album. In fact, we have now completed almost half of the tracks for this album in form of pre-release versions. I joke sometimes, that eventually "Ad Hominem" will be released before the  "Madeira" album. Who would have thought this? Not me :).

Fitting for the album, "Nihil Verum" is once again a rather quiet and serious piece. Originally it was planned to be a so called "floater", ie without any kind of rhythm instruments. However, the use of percussion instruments, starting at around 50% of the playing time, was simply appropriate. Friends of beautiful and creepy experiments with different filter types (in particular comb filters) will again love this piece.

Finally, a short organizational note: Since the work on Willma Poppen album "Willma im Wunderland" is gettig into the "hot phase" (production of the release versions), it may become a bit quiet soon around both Cimelium album projects. Don't worry, we'll soon go on! And now have fun with "Nihil Verum"!