Saturday, October 22, 2016

Cimelium IS ALIVE!

Ad Hominem Coverart in it's current state (raw concept)
After more than a year of silence, shortly after the announcement, that the "Madeira" album would soon be released, I owe you an explanation. You agree with me, don't you? ;) I think I do not need to say, that the "Madeira" album is still not out yet.

What happened?
Well, life happened... I do not want to go into detail, because all is too private to me. But I can tell so much: A loved one, with whom I have been together for 25 years (yes, this is possible), has bitterly disappointed me in a very nasty way. This has completely paralyzed me and took away 100% of the creativity and joy of life, which usually gives me energy for everything. Friends: I was so far down, most of you probably can not imagine. But that is the past. I am still not quite through it, but I am again steeply on the way up.

What's next?
I really HAD to put the work on the "Madeira" album on hold for various reasons. There are too many memories connected to it. Every time I tried to work on it during the dark time, memories came back and it was extremely painful. So after I felt a bit better, I invested all my power in the "dark sister album", titled "Ad Hominem". As this theme album deals with the topic of depression, it fitted quite well. And, actually, as I write this, I am in the process of polishing the 13 pre-release-versions, and creating the final versions. I don't want to promise anything, but when I say that it is only a matter of days, it is just about right.

Those who have so much looked forward to the release of the "Madeira" album do not have to mourn: I am now again able to work safely on the pieces for the album. And since the album was almost finished at the time of my little private apocalypse, it will not be long, after the release date of "Ad Hominem", until "Madeira" is also released. Keep your fingers crossed that everything is going well. Then you will soon get 2 Cimelium albums, one after the other. Great, eh?

And so you can look forward to something, here are a few samples of "Ad Hominem" pieces in their present state:

Ok, I'm back at work!

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