Monday, July 15, 2013

Cimelium finally has a Homepage again!

After some friends from Russia found it very funny to test the resident alionmind content management system for securty and finally even found a gap, I had to put all project homepages into a allmost non-functional security mode. By and by I improved the CMS and migrated the homepages one after the other to it. And so I present, yet not with all the glitter, the new Cimelium homepage.

There's no particular reason why Cimelium got its homepage fixed as the last of the projects. It just happened that way. As I said, not all functionality is implemented yet. I will do this step by step. At some parts, the layout still looks quite trashy. I will fix that some day. If you out there spot some problems with the site, please inform me and I'll fix it. ;)

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