Monday, May 26, 2014

The evolution of simplicity

So simple it starts (screenshot of the basic project)
This morning I thought, after all the other projects were making progress during the past few weeks, it would be a good idea to create a new song for the dark sister of the "Madeira" album. The album in production "Ad Hominem" lags somewhat behind. So I searched through my giant folder with incomplete works for a good base and found one quite fast. 3 synthesizers (1 pad, a bass arpeggio and a lead arpeggio) and a simple breakbeat rhythm with hihat, kick drum and snare. On each of the synthesizers is a little reverb, delay and a lowpass filter. The latter will probably play a bigger role in this.

So far, so good. If one plays it all in the loop and plays around with the filters it is amazing fun and a little reminiscent of the works of the Berlin School of electronic music, especially Klaus Schulze and Pete Namlook. You really want to do nothing else but let the whole thing just run for 30 minutes, and simply just turn knobs, just as the old heroes of the analog synthesizers did it back in the days.

I am often accused of complicating things unnecessarily. Friends often say that I should leave a piece as it is and not add anything new. Often it is then precisely such a simple loop with a little "filter magic". And my answer usually is " Hey, this is just one stupid synth, with a little oscillation and filter fiddeling. I can not present that to the public as a finished work!". But especially Malina is often thinks I could do it.
Today I start a little experiment on which I want my friends on the web to participate. Everyone can and should give tips, suggestions or just make comments to make this project a success.
This time I will just try that: Do as little as possible, as much as necessary. I'll try to create with what (described above) is in this project already an entertaining, relaxed, 5 minutes musical piece, which fits on the album project "Ad Hominem". And I want especially my Facebook friends from the FL Studio groups to participate in this. So here we go. There is much ... STOP : ;) little to do. Here's a first, very simple snippet of the project:

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