Monday, September 28, 2015

Finaly a new song for the "Madeira" album: "Porto da Cruz"!

Oh well... this is the second Blog on which I have to write, that nothing happened since about a year. Makes me feel just a bit bad, because actually I haven't been idle. As always somebody had to wait in favor of the friends of other projects. Simple as that!

But now the long wait has an end. The album on the Willma Poppen album is done, I have set my priorities different and generally have a new strategy. And so I finished a new song for the long due "Madeira" album yesterday as a pre-release version. So we need just one pre-release version until we can finally start polishing the album versions.

The current song is about the picturesque little village Porto da Cruz at the north coast of Madeira. And the last song is also already heavily in the works. it will be themed after my hike in 2014 through the Pico Ruivo tunnel. It will be for sure the most dark track on the album and Malina already said, that it would fit better on the upcoming "Ad Hominem" album.

The polishing of the pre-release versions aka turning them into album versions will also not take as much time as it did for the Willma Poppen album, because by now, as I said, I have a new strategy and the songs for the "Madeira" album do by far not need as much work. So, with no exaggeration, I can say, that it is more than just possible, that "Madeira" will still be out in 2015.

What about the "dark sister album Ad Hominem"? Well, even though I have many great tracks in the works, it is currently on halt. One of the conceptual failures I did recently was to not concentrate on one thing at the time e.g. not setting priorities. I'll not repeat that failure! So for now it is "Madeira" and my little video projects. That's enough to keep me busy for a while. I know that some of the friends of the first Cimelium album "Mesopotamia" (which is by the way by far the best seller of all alionmind albums) are a bit worried about the Cimelium sound getting too happy, cheerful and generally away from the old dark experimental sound.This cannot happen, friends. It is just, that I wanted to do an album about Madeira and a dark and gloomy sound would not fit it... well aside of the Pico Ruivo tunnel.

Ok, enough words! Let's work! Here's the pre-release version of "Porto da Cruz"...and never forget: Pre-release is NOT the final product!

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